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November 23, 2007


1.1    Background of The Study
Language is an instrument of communication. People need it in social relationship. English as the international language is really very important for kind countries like Indonesia. By knowing English people can cooperate with other countries in kind of relationship .
Many tourist from several countries come to Indonesia. People can participate to welcome them by using the English language. Beside that is key to master the knowledge, because many books of knowledge are written in English. Everybody will get everything if they know English well. They will know that everything  will be easier include looking for a job, living society, learning any knowledge , and many others.
Looking at the English development in Indonesia we should thank to the government which has been trying to popularize English as foreign language to support national building. The manifestation of this, is that the government starts to decide its nine year elementary school for its communities from its Art and Education Department in all over provinces.
Thus, everybody should be ready to against science and technology in the future. Joining the government effort, it has been developing and increasing way of language teaching to be easy for students. In the case, many writers try to create new methods for teachers and students to be easier to teach and learn. With regard that students who learns English language will get easiness and satisfaction in every place not only one country or part of continent but around the world.
However, the beginner will find difficulties if they want to learn, the new language. Because usually they weak in vocabulary and also grammar. It means that not only grammar that must be understood by the student, but also the vocabulary.
To make the learning process look interesting, every teacher should give the best and right method to the student. One of the methods that usually used is game. Game is one of the techniques, which meets the characteristic of the students if the usage of the game could be found out, the English teacher of Junior High School could be told that teaching by using game will give much advantages to improve the students vocabulary.

1.2. Statement of the Problem
A great number of English Learners and students nowadays have been studying English. Unfortunately, these cases are not followed by English students quality. In other words, their ability to speak or to use the language is very far from good. Many students get difficulties in memorizing English words and translate them into Indonesian.
Based on the statement above, the writer feels that the problem of the study can be formulated. The problem is “ How do the students interest on game correlates with their English achievement at the first year students of SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang”.

1.3. Purpose of the Study
This study is addressed to both students and English teachers. He chooses the school and level to know how far students understand their given-lessons. Besides, he would like to know how many and whatever instruments already have been practiced by teachers and lectures maybe as a media of enrichment and remedying that they also absorb them easily.
By writing this thesis he intends he could donate his opinion to solve problem faced by students and to give a new method for teachers. Another research by him. And to look how far the influence of the new method he establishes for students mastery of English branches.
The last purpose of his is that he studies to drop his idea and to unfold his capability of writing on the paper. He also thinks that is t one of his responsibility as the future teacher.

1.4. Significance of The Study
In the research, result and rectification can be expected to add advantages. At least, it can contribute a new looking so that is able to be useful for users especially whose are concerned with knowledge talked on the paper. Generally it is served by him for English teachers to broaden technique of teaching whether reading, tourism, industry, structure, writing, or speaking.
Referring to the one above, the writer would wish it contains of some utilities for students, teacher, lecturers, and the writer himself.

1.5. Limitation of The Study
In the sub-chapter he will explain limitations of the study. It is important for the reader in order hot to be getting wrong to understand what he expects. And he would like to direct the problem on the focus in order that it doesn’t deviate and specifies.
The research therefore is still based on the Simulation Games for activating, encouraging, arousing their motivation to study English. In addition, it is mainly a tool which is used to repeat all the lesson beside other play. It is for the first year students at SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang only.

1.6 Definition of Key Terms
It is necessary for him and the readers in order to be the same thought of the important key term. Explanations which are regarded not to be something confusing. Those explanations are :
(1) Simulation Game
Simulation game is a game which is used by him as a tool of research for discussing thing or problem played by some players.
(2) SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang
A place where he had  a research of Simulation Game.
(3) Playing Sheet
One of Simulation Game tools used in the play which states some messages. They have to answer.
(4) Die
An instrument in the play which has a use of deciding player’s step
(5) Message
Statement that must be answered by players or participants.
(6) Sign
Facilitating players to step or get next message.
(7) Facilitator
A person who is under responsibility of giving discussion form in order that it is well.
(8) The Handle
A player who is posted to be the roles of an officer or other position.


2.1     The Beginning of Being Simulation
A result is a product of research (thinking) dealing with when, how and why it can be. It is a source and a chain of a succeeding process. This is “ Simulation Games in Learning” of Boqcock and Schild:
Although the design of Simulation Games for classroom use is essentially a phenomenon of the last decade, the field has already passed through different stages of development. There seem to have been there distinct (if overlapping) phases. (Sarane S. Boqcock and E.O Schild, 1976 : 74)
During the years 1963 – 1965, some researchers attempted controlled experiments with games. Generally in conclusive ( or even negative ) results led them to rather so boring conclusions :
a. That the games are not a panacea for all educational ills;
b. That the games in their present form have serious flaws;
c. That neither standard tests nor the relatively crude instruments designed specially to evaluate a particular game or games are adequate or sufficient measures for the impact of games.
The most important study of this period was the evaluating of the Northwestern Inter-Nation Simulation by James Robinson and his colleagues comparing college students who played the INS with control classes who studied the same material Via case studies, Robinson found few significant differences on a number of measures of interested and achievement and not all of these differences favored the game (Robinson, 1965:45)
Experimentation with first game developed at Johns Hopkins, a simulation of a national Presidential election campaign, was more encouraging and produced a number of clues as to  the nature of game effects, but many of the findings were not consistent, not statistically significant, or otherwise difficult to interpret.
The unsettling result of early experimentation could lead to at least two different attitudes toward the technique. One is to maintain the  work hypothesis that games do teach but that we do not know why and how. As a result we do not know what to look for in research on games. The following appraisal of management of gaming illustrates this attitude; we know little about the effectiveness of management games as an instrument of instruction. Indeed, we do not know even for sure how to distinguish a good game from a bad one. ( Thorelly and Graves, 1964:25)

2.2 The Objectives and The Functions of Simulation Game
As a feature of play which someone does relax the writer tends to describe the objectives and the functions of Simulation Game based on the description by some establishers view.
“ Permainan Simulasi adalah metode pengajaran yang menitik beratkan pada ‘ Learning by doing ‘. Dalam permainan simulasi anak didik memainkan peranan – peranan dalam situasi yang berkaitan dengan dunia nyata. Mereka mempraktikkan semua pengetahuan dan prinsip – prinsip yang telah mereka pelajari. Dengan memandang dimensi realita, permainan simulasi merupakan model atau representasi obyek  dan situasi dalam dunia realita. Dengan berinteraksi pada model anak didik dapat belajar bagaimana kenyataan ini berproses.” (Hendyat, 1978:78).
“Major  function of games is to increase interest and motivation and perhaps thereby facilitate subsequent learning (which presumably would take place by conventional methods”(Sarane S. Boqcock, 1976:172)
Our own inclination and a good amount of the data presented in the following sections of this book, lead us to disagree with this argument. It is unquestionably true that games can generate great interest and involvement. But we also believe that games in themselves teach, that the players learn from they very participation in the game. Proof of the learning effectiveness of games is, however, obviously an empirical question.
As for the continent that games are appropriate for the weak but not for the strong student, it happens that games may have special value for the culturally deprived or the slow student but not for the reason given above. At the same time, however, the technique seems also to hold a particular attraction and utility for the bright students.”
“ First, it tries to arouse motivation in the students and this increase their learning. Second, it is meant as a tool of mastery learning in enlarging ones vocabulary and in studying basic grammatical patterns in English. This approach has mind that teachers are made accountable for their students learning. For these purpose, it is more important, therefore, to know what the student is learning than to know how he compares with others. Thus to evaluate the students mastery, criterion – reference test can be administrated as evaluation instruments by the teachers”(Ferry Adenan, 1984: 62).
Before his idea above he puts three requirements of game as follows :
The vocabulary and sentence structure should be in a controlled range so that the challenge they offer can be met by the learner.
The focus should on the language. The learner should be able to make good use of the language
The puzzles and games should offer much opportunity for the learner to practice and repeat the sentence patterns and.

2.3 The Factor Effect The Simulation Game
Cases to Simulation Game actually are not many. In learning this he discusses only tow factors on purpose. Because others can b modified suited with their ability ( English mastery) and phenomenon. Both these two factors are :
2.3.1 Size of Class
Most of us normally have thirty to forty students in a class. So that we frequently find out the situation class noisy, no serious  humor to support limitation of the class.
There we cannot let them run alone ( especially Senior High to Elementary School Students). The teachers role in it is still in need. Teacher may b and advisor or player  who explain some problem that students may face. Another one by Mackey, W. F. is:
“If we suppose a class consisting of one teacher and fifty pupils is obviously much more different and difficult to get this report and ensure that all the pupils are led especially as the chances of any pupils being called upon are forty nine to one against.”(Mackey, 1970:56)
2.3.2 No Score
By loosing score  away form the play the thinks that will appear a little problem to players. It can be predicated that players  will be less curios to finish the game. But satisfaction only is become a standard measure which player complete in well. This is different from other games.

2.4 Type of Rules
It is a must in whatever a play is used. Its usage is that a player will not stay outside of what they decide together before. Also in order to be a good interaction among players themselves.
“ The rules of a game are like the rules of the game in real life. That in normative and legal constrains upon behavior. This however corresponds only to one type of rule  necessary in any game. The most pervasive type the rule necessary in every game is the procedural rule. Procedural rules describe how the game is put into play and the general order which play proceeds. In a social simulation game the procedural rules . . must follow roughly the order of activities in phenomenon being studied.” (Sarana S. boqkock, 1976:81).

2.5 Ways of Playing and Discussing
2.5.1 Supply Playing Tools
Before a playing process begun things in connection with play have been ready first. Those are :
l    A playing paper
l    Box with score or card with number 1-6.
l    Players sign
l    Cards with some question must be answered
l    Note
2.5.2 Decide a Facilitator
Generally a game has a leader name facilitator. Its duty lead a play. It would better every participant is able to be a participant and or a leader (if all participants are intermediate or advanced level students, but for elementary students teachers role may be facilitator. Therefore in beginning a play facilitator needs to discuss with his/her members to decide who will lead a play.
2.5.3 Greetings
2.5.4 Deciding Problem
We find agreement about played field suited with the level of the students. We can also combine many fields into one.
2.5.5 Pray
2.5.6 Point at writer, players, and the handle. Way of deciding is discussing. In order not to kill the time facilitator can propose one of participant to get agreement form them. Dealing with this there must be paid attention of :
A number of players can be determined according to what field will be discussed. So are the players who will be an actor suited with.
Facilitator the handle writer and players take a seat freely.
Writer notes the important things only. For example : data, field, and focus of the problem, summary, and problems may not be solved. Writer might give suggestions or her statement.
Point at the handle writer , players, and audience. There are better to be done at turning that a player has ever experienced as a player, audience, handle, and so on.

2.5.7. Discuss the rules
As a play its rules must be smooth. Those are :
How long a play will be :
When the play will finish can be solved with a measure of time or round. When we use round we can interrupt that one of players sign has passed on “STOP”.
Players sign drop to problem discussed. If a sign droops in a problem or question which has been discussed it can be discussed. Will the sign be for ward or retreated from problem discussed.
A sign droop in a blank place.
The function of blank place is to give a rest for a player until that place. Some one who is in the place may sing read a poem play guitar make joke and so on.
2.5.8. Play and Discuss
This phase is a main thing to begin play and discussion. There are player shakes and throw a die, the steps his sign from “START” to destinated-place suite with number he or she gets. In this step a play and studies one to others by discussing problems. Then they attempt to solve the problems. Finally facilitator or a pointed-player closes with a conclusion.
2.5.9. Closing pray
2.5.10. Greetings

2.6 Playing Technique
Doing a play we should pay attention to procedures as follow:
2.6.1. Before beginning a play players must put their sign on START because this place shows that a play must start from this.
2.6.2. First player shakes, throws, and takes his sign it means to know number of question read and answered by him.
2.6.3. If his or her sign shows five. He or she should move his sign counting five steps. In fact last step is five he puts his sign in place number five.
2.6.4. Then, pay attention to place number five :
If place box contains message so that person has to read it aloud, and answers or discussed the message.
If the box is blank box the person is free from a compulsory to discuss a message, sing a song, tell a story etc. Dealing with agreement then next player continuous a play.
2.6.5. Next player gets a turn to shakes die according to the players number when all players have had a chance playing one time. This turn is called one step around.
2.6.6. In the second step, players do the some thing as the first round. In this step each players step form the box placed before. If the first player gets three, he or she does not step up from START or continuous others step but step from the box placed before.
2.6.7. Third round is the second continuation. Its procedure is the same as first and second round. The difference is each players step form the box place before.
2.6.8. The end of the play depends on the agreement made by participant. If play continuous one round before second round the play will be completed.

2.7. Technique of  Discussing
2.7.1. Facilitator’s Duty
In connection with playing and discussing process, facilitator’s duty is a discussion leader. As a discussion leader he or she must do as the following cases:
Stimulate his number to curious and discusses bravely.
Give a chance to his members for expressing their idea.
Straighten wrong number.
Answer question of members cannot answer.
Develop a way of asking by supporting and giving stimulus.
Equalize negative sense that may appear among members caused of discussion.
Try to develop discuss systematically.
Try to do the rules smoothly
Make the situation and condition of the play happily and bravely.
Conclude discussion or ask a member make conclusion.
Suggest or make agreement doing an activity as a follow-up of the discussion.
2.7.2. Matters Remembered
Before talking technique of discussing we should remember :
In every discussion, facilitator has to have ability to direct a discussion rather than to make a conclusion.
In a discussion a player is free to express his or her mind what he expresses and how many time he expresses. In short there is no limitation that a player should say only one time and support the contain of a message. For this a facilitator should try that will be equality distribution of expressing their mind.
No pro and contra statement to the content of the message. If some one does false. Others would be better not to support his or her idea. The other way round, if he does it correctly we should agree with him. Pro and contra may occurred to solve a problem.
Simulation is a game or a method for learning their subjects again that students understand them more.
The handles function is to suggest (give an idea) or answer on how the handle works. So the handle does not express his mind but the supposes a doer. He can express thing either asked or not. But it is not always.
When facilitator leads a discussion he does not teach but support and directs a discussion. Wrong answer is corrected if all players and audience do not correct. It must be remembered that facilitator has a process of study with players, audience, the handle.
Facilitator tries for discussion not to take a long time. Here the teachers and the students use fair in order to handle the time.
Facilitator makes agreement to do its follow-up from what they have talked before at last.
Each discussion on a message must be followed by suggestion or problem solving. Problem solving is better more frequently, and facilitator chooses a possible way of which contains a little risk.
2.7.3. Discussion Steps
In doing discussion steps are :
a.    A player gets turn to begin and to read the content of message loudly. It is impossible, that other player can help ready. To make easiness to read a sheet can be turned.
b.    A player gives suggestion, or comment of a message.
c.    A player suggest solving solution to difficulty faced.
d.    Facilitator lets other players or audience to express idea for what first player expresses. It is better first change given.
e.    Players or audience express idea, contradiction, correction or question for what first player has expressed.
f.    Facilitator lets other players or audience give idea to what first and second player have said.
g.    The same process as what second, third, and fifth steps did.
h.    It’s the same step as steps fourth and sixth. Facilitator lets other players or audience say. Then it is continued by second and third steps.
i.    If it is enough facilitator uses a chance to answer questions which couldn’t be completed by players or audience, the handle or directing the wrong answers. When facilitator fells have capability of answering it is better to say freely to players and given writer to make note to ask to the have.
j.    Facilitator concludes discussion. Here facilitator expresses some cases :
–    Say reason for rejecting to the content of the message.
–    Give one and more way-outs which is possible for a little risk.
–    Encourage his audience and players to improve and to develop their capability on English.

2.8. Reference of The Sheet Production
2.8.1. Meaning
As shown at the preceding paper it is one of the important media for simulation game it is absolutely important because there are messages discussed at play on it. Messages also written on presented-card beside on the sheet. In the reference of the sheet production there is no any way of how arranges messages. Way of arranging messages will be declared on the following paper. So it is limited on how to makes sheet only.
2.8.2. Ways of Production
As the hand-book of how makes sheet it will be like these :
Supply a sheet of paper or other material which can be made for it and its cards.
Think about how many boxes will be used on it. Actually a number of boxes in a sheet is not decided. In other words, producing them depends on us and how many messages they are.
Make pictures of sheet boxes. Its form depends on the maker. Try to be interesting pictures but simple.
Write numbers on sheet in order form left to right side. They students never write number on ‘START’ and ‘FINISH’.
Decide rest and blank box among messages boxes. Put them in random.
Write messages on the messages boxes. Try to write messages clearly.
Write filed and focus of discussing.

2.9. Reference of Arranging Message
2.9.1. Meaning and The Importance Message:
Message means as statements which contains of English branches. The activity of making and arranging messages is first and important phase. Message contain of many kinds of English branches rather than social, politic, economic, science, computer , space field are the main discussion and simulation game. They are discussed by players. So messages are things for studying.
Messages must be suited with players, phenomenon, condition and the level of player knowledge. Good message has requirement as follows :
By reading the message players are interested in studying them.
Contain of real events of daily-life, their subjects, or be suitable with communities need.
Contain of Problem:
It contains of problems that supports and encourages players to think of them critically and tries to get its solving.
Contain of Educational
Encourage players to discuss not only in the chance but also outside of playing.
Simple Language:
Its language may be understood had known.
There are four kinds of messages in Simulation Game namely:
–    Statement form
–    Question form
–    Command form
–    Prohibition form
2.9.2. Procedures of Arranging Message:
There are some procedures of how to arrange messages. These must be obeyed because these will influence to the way of discussion. Procedures of arranging messages are at the following order.
Write form of containing boxes of problem, goal, message and the way of discussion.
Decide play field.
Formulate problems, than the students fill them in the problem box. It is known by us that problem is the range of the real and their expectation.
Decide the aim of the play which they fill them in the aim column. Aim is a condition of which they want to get after they playing. In short, they hope that what from them after they have played. The target in simulation game is attitude, mastery of their lesson, and behavior changes.
Formulate the content of message which they fill in the message formulation. There they should remember requirements of message as cleared before. Message formulated must have communication with its problem.
Formulate the way discussion which is placed in discussion way. It is a way of being aimed when discussing. It means what will not deviate from formulated – goal. It is a facilitator’s hand to have a function of it’s answer.

2.10. Advantages of  Educational Game As Simulation.
There will be many advantages if they use games such as Simulation in their attempt to teach student namely avoiding of  baring, affects activeness of them, bravery of expressing the idea. Besides they are other advantages below taken from “Simulation Games In Learning” book.
“Self-directed learning in games occurred in three, usually successive phases as a result of active and intense involvement of the student :
Learning facts expressed in the game context and dynamics;
Learning processes simulated by the game;
Learning the relative costs and benefits, risk, and potential rewards of alternative strategies of decision – making.”
Moreover the important thing from the this play is that simulation game gives training for students to practice in Decision-making. It needs to realize that without practicing their decision-making they will be difficult to develop their capability on themselves mental.
2.11. The Weakness of This Play
As other methods and plays whatever they are done have some weakness. In his mind, he gets them as :
Difficult to gather the participant at a time.
They generally point at themselves to be volunteers or players in it.
The teacher sometimes force them to play it.
Their interest of new knowledge is clumsy.
But these problem actually can be overcome through features of Simulation Game itself. For examples: kindness, humor, teacher takes part with them, flattery, suggestion or other encouragement which has requirements of being no fear. Through these kinds of way he is sure that all participant form the low to bright students, young boys to adult, poor to rich man will have bravery and like to take part in it. Its requirement is that they must in one. In other words, there are no suspection among them.


This chapter discusses about the research design, population and sample, data collection and data analysis.

3.1. Research Design
This research is a descriptive correlation. The research will correlate two variables, namely students learning English and the simulation game.

3.2. Population and Sample
a. Population
In correlation with the population of the research it goes to the first year students of SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang. There are eight classroom namely class A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H.
From three classroom above he had chosen two classroom in this case which has eighty students as population. They are known containing two classes C and D. It means that all of students can be made a population in the research.
b. Sample
It’s existantion is a principal  of all parts of research. Because it will give data that will be researched and arranged on the fourth chapter as a report. But if the sample itself doesn’t suit with writer’s expectation, it will be complete, either for researcher or the users. That is why a sample has some settlement as pointed by Arikunto (1986:84) saying that.

3.3. Collecting Data
The source of data is the first year students of SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang. The data is taken from the writer observation, questionnaire and test that are given to the students. The writer give some explanation about the way the answer the questions and also the test to ensure that the students will be able to answer them correctly and they have some knowledge of simulation game in learning the subject as well.

3.4. The Instrument of The Research
In this part the writer will clarifying some instrument that is used in his research. They can be classified into:
1. Test
The test given to the students to know the achievement of the students in learning English after the game has been practiced in the classroom together with their teacher. The teacher here just to be facilitator to make the students fell enjoy. The test consists of 20 item with multiple choice to make the students easy to answer.
2. Questionnaire
The questionnaire is given to the students to know their knowledge about game especially simulation game. This questionnaire consists of questions referring to test experience to material tested. The questionnaire that is given to the students is 20 item.

3.5. Try Out The Test
To enable a test tested to the test it has to be tried out to the students. It is with joining reason and he is sure that a test will have some weakness. For examples:
Test given to the students by them is too difficult to finish.
The test given is not suitable for their knowledge and level.
It doesn’t have enough time to do.
And it is also used to know the difficulty and easiness percent. Above all, he has simulation game which can be said an instrument having score by measuring their satisfaction. It means the play can be successful if the players fells satisfied.
By this way he will know some errors made and he can be said to take steps for improvement of subject. In other words he can omit or add some possible sentences in order that is called validity.
It can be tested at the time has no reduction at all for the test of the first year students at SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang. Finally what he hopes will be manifested such as:
3.5.1 The effectiveness of simulation game as repetition of the subject (remedial instrument )
3.5.2 Students will understand the subject though by their teacher more.
3.5.3 They like this play and will use it for studying everything together with their groups in the future.

3.6 Data Analysis
To find out the coefficient correlation between students learning English and the simulation game, the data  are analyzed by using product moment of  Pearson. The formula as follows :

Rxy     : numeral of index correlation “r” product moment
N     : number of subject
X     : sum of the students score on questionnaire about students learning English with using usual method
Y     : sum of scores of the simulation game
X2     : sum of the squared X scores
Y2     : sum of the squared Y scores
XY     : sum of the product of X and Y scores


Result of the research which he will present on this chapter are containing and including two cases. One he will draw is about the result of the Data Analysis. And the other is Interpretation of Data. To manifestation this his describes them in the following pages.
4.1 Result
The result including the value that can be found on Pearson product moment from the data of the student learning English and using simulation game. The result will be seen completely below:

Subject    X    Y    X2    Y2    XY
1    60    70    3600    4900    4200
2    65    72    4225    5184    4680
3    67    75    4489    5625    5025
4    66    73    4356    5329    4818
5    70    85    4900    7225    5950
6    50    60    2500    3600    3000
7    55    60    3025    3600    3300
8    58    65    3364    4225    3770
9    60    70    3600    4900    4200
10    62    65    3844    4225    4030
11    65    70    4225    4900    4550
12    68    70    4624    4900    4760
13    71    75    5041    5625    5325
14    75    80    5625    6400    6000
15    72    80    5184    6400    5760
16    68    73    4624    5329    4964
17    60    70    3600    4900    4200
18    65    70    4225    4900    4550
19    66    70    4356    4900    4620
20    70    75    4900    5625    5250
21    67    70    4489    4900    4690
22    66    73    4356    5329    4818
23    68    75    4624    5625    5100
24    70    85    4900    7225    5950
25    71    80    5041    6400    5680
26    60    70    3600    4900    4200
27    68    73    4624    5329    4964
28    67    75    4489    5625    5025
29    65    70    4225    4900    4550
30    63    72    3969    5184    4536
31    60    71    3600    5041    4260
32    66    72    5356    5184    4752
33    72    75    5184    5625    5400
34    73    80    5329    6400    5840
35    69    73    4761    5329    5037
36    70    75    4900    5625    5250
37    65    70    4225    4900    4550
38    60    68    3600    4624    4080
39    62    70    3844    4900    4340
40    67    73    4489    5329    4891
Total    2622    2895    172907    211066    190865

= 0.869
= 0.87

4.2 Discussion
Based on the data which have been analyzed the computation of the correlation between teaching English as usual with teaching English using simulation game is 0.87
The value research at the table is 0.349  at the level of significance 95%    with N = 40 .  The value research on the table 0.449 at the level of significance 1%.
So the value r at the data at the level of significance 5%  is greater than the value ‘r’ table. The alternative hypothesis (Hi) is accepted at and the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected. It means that there is significance correlation between teaching English as usual and teaching English by using simulation game.

4.3 Interpretation
Based on the result of computation of correlation between teaching English as usual and teaching English by using simulation game is 0.87   it is low.  Whenever the description of correlation that is written by Crow, 1958 : 403) the correlation coefficient as follow :
0.90     to     1.00     is very high
0.80     to     0.90     is high
0.60     to     0.80     is satisfactory
0.40     to     0.60     is low
0.00     to     0.40     is very low
It indicates that there is considerable variability in performance in two test. Causes of this variability of performance maybe found in the one of the sub-variable of students in test or in the construction of the test. It readily can be understood that if every students had earned the same relative score on the two test, the correlation would have approach 1.00 or perfect positive correlation.

This chapter present the conclusion of the finding and same suggestion concerning the relationship of learning English by using usual method and the simulation game.

5.1 Conclusions
Based on the result of the data analysis the following conclusions are drawn:
1. The students of SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang have high opinion the simulation game of learning English.
The students’ attitude toward English is also high
The students’ activities that showing their interest in learning English is good.
2.    There is a high positive correlation between student learning English by using usual method and the simulation game of the students at SMP Negeri 4 Lumajang.

5.2 Suggestions
Dealing with the findings of the study, some suggestions are offered in relations with learning English by using usual method and the simulation game.
1. Interest is one of the factors that very important in increasing learning, so the teacher has to find out how to arouse the students’ interest in learning English.
2. The teacher of English should pay more attention and motivation to the students so that they will do maximal effort, which will enable them to get high achievement in English.
3.    The teacher of English has to find techniques and methods to give a support to arise students’ interest in learning English.
4.    Studies relate to factor-influencing students’ learning outcomes, especially scores of English subject.
5.    The same study to be conducted to further research with a large population, more subjects and instrument is needed.
6.    Teacher would like to use game as a media teaching. So the students will be able to study seriously and relax. It will make the situation of the class alive, moreover the students are not afraid of English.